About Us

LoloWich was created, with love, to honor my granddaughter, Loelle. Loelle was born with CHARGE Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder involving extensive medical and physical difficulties. It is our mission to bring awareness and recognition to the strength and determination of the families faced with similar challenges.

Why an ice cream sandwich? The spark of joy that a sweet treat brings connects us to comfort, happiness, and the indulgence of simple pleasures. I hope to remind you that despite what we can be faced with, life is sweet. Celebrate, with gratitude, all that brings you happiness!

As her grandfather, I have been blessed to watch Loelle thrive through the support of her family, school system, and therapeutic team. I have also seen first hand how critical various equipment can be to the success of a child. Having specific items in the home can be quite an expense, and not often accepted by insurance. With proceeds from LoloWich, it will be my honor to proudly support families in the special needs community by gifting a child with an item of importance.

Examples may include, but are not limited to: adaptive indoor and/or equipment, sensory accessories, nutritional supplies, communication devices, financial aid for a service/support animal.

Please join me in carrying out my dream to honor my granddaughter in celebrating all of our friends in the special needs community.

Life is sweet,